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Everything we do is based on sustainability

As regulators step in and buyers seek openness, sustainability becomes a priority. Shifting to environmentally sustainable supply chains will soon become an obligation, rather than an option. When it comes to production and deliveries, businesses are embracing "circular economy" attitude (or continued life). Businesses will be better positioned for long-term growth if they focus on sustainability.

GEHT Marketplace is an online marketplace ecosystem which is built around sustainability. It delivers a solution to its customers which helps them to make more informed selling and buying decisions. GEHT Marketplace ecosystem provides value to its partners and the environment.

Our sustainability efforts are leaded by three main focus areas:

1) Continued life product program

Continued life products are all the products that are sold under "used" or "refurbished" product condition on GEHT Marketplace. We encourage companies to sell their end-of-life products that still have use in order to increase resource productivity. Continued life products can be used for example in small scale manufacturing, research or educational purpose. To promote sustainable business practises, GEHT Marketplace applies reduced flat rate 5% service fee for all Continued life products sales transactions on GEHT Marketplace.

2) Drop shipments without interim storages and re-packaging

Products sold on GEHT Marketplace are drop shipped from the factory to the buyer without an added route and cost of distributors. It's really a fundamental improvement in supply chain sustainability and a foundation to build sustainable supply chains.

3) Build to Order manufacturing practices

Build to Order is a typical production approach for GEHT Marketplace sellers since it is a manufacturing method associated with highly customised and relative expensive high-tech products. Build to Order is a manufacturing method in which products are not manufactured until a confirmed order is received from the customer. As it is a resource effective way to offer the buyer a product with the exact product specification, and it also reduces the need for storage and thus stock obsolescence risk.

We are committed to identifying and enhancing our efforts on sustainable development and continue to develop sustainable solutions and innovations for our customers and own operations.