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GEHT Marketplace is an online platform that simplifies the process of buying and selling lasers, optoelectronics and robotic products. With a direct factory-to-end customer approach with no warehouses or distributors involved, we are changing the way how high-tech industrial business is done in global scale.

Customers can trust that they are receiving the most effective solution that fully meets their expectations. Our automated transactions and suppliers’ curated product listings ensure that product information is frequently verified and always up-to-date.

Build-in Safe Payment Process ensures secure transactions. This end-to-end service process monitors and verifies all payments, deliveries and customer verifications in advance, ensuring customer peace of mind.

GEHT Marketplace news

January, 2024
GEHT International Ltd

940 nm, 10 W Laser Diode Offer - Act Now

Now available for a limited at GEHT Marketplace: Get the M940±10-10-F105/22-R4 Laser Diode for only $50/unit. Minimum order: 10 units. Act fast, as this is a limited-time opportunity.
November, 2023
GEHT International Ltd

LSLiDAR & Huawei: Global Robotics Lead

Leishen Intelligent System Co., Ltd. and Huawei join forces at Huawei Connect 2023 to build a global warehouse logistics robot industry ecosystem. Collaboration leverages Leishen's advanced LiDAR technology with Huawei's Cloud Robotics Platform, driving automation and enhancing safety in warehouse logistics. This partnership marks a significant step in intelligent manufacturing. Discover the future with us. Full press release:丨lslidar/.
October, 2023
GEHT International Ltd

Introducing Han's TCS 200 W System

In today's industrial landscape, efficiency, reliability, and affordability are vital. Discover the Han's TCS 200 W direct diode system— the premier solution for modern industrial applications. An all-in-one marvel, this system channels a remarkable 200 W power. Paired with a robust 5 m armoured cable, it ensures uninterrupted performance under demanding conditions. Moreover, its cost-effectiveness stands unrivaled, offering industries a reliable solution without the hefty price.
September, 2023
Trotec Laser(Xiamen) Co.,Ltd

Have you heard our latest software Ruby?

Ruby Makes working with your laser simpler and faster, digital to the core.

Connected working. Multiple lasers, infinite number of users, one web-based platform.