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GEHT Marketplace news

October, 2022
GEHT International Ltd

W Series Collision Avoidance LiDAR

The new LeiShen Intelligent's W Series Collision Avoidance LiDAR is now available from GEHT Marketplace with a short delivery time. With industry-leading shock and vibration resistance, reliability and stability, the W Series is ideal for AGV, RGV and robot indoor and outdoor applications.
September, 2022
GEHT International Ltd

EAI Technology awarded

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (China) announced the list of the fourth batch of National SPRI "Little Giant" enterprises. Shenzhen EAI Technology Co., Ltd. successfully made it to the list with its industry-leading R&D and innovation capabilities, excellent market performance and core advantages as a part of artificial intelligence industry chain. You can find and purchase advanced EAI Technology's LiDAR products from GEHT Marketplace.
August, 2022
GEHT International Ltd

Ultra wide FOV C32W LiDAR

LeiShen Intelligent's ultra wide FOV (360° x 70°) C32W LiDAR realises accurate perception within near range. Its detection range is up to 160 m, measurement accuracy ±2 cm and a minimum vertical angular resolution 1°. The C32W LiDAR is ideal for applications where you have to identify reliably short obstacles effectively within near range. Shop C32W LiDAR from GEHT Marketplace.
August, 2022
GEHT International Ltd

The new T-mini Pro 360° 2D LiDAR

The new YDLIDAR T-mini Pro is a cost-effective, 360° 2D LiDAR based on TOF principle. It is ideal solution for various of applications like navigation and obstacle avoidance, robot ROS teaching and research, regional security, environmental scanning and 3D reconstruction, navigation and obstacle avoidance of home service robots and robot vacuum cleaners. Available now from GEHT Marketplace.