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Never worry about buyers or sellers - we are in the middle. We keep eye on transactions 24/7 and make sure that all payments, deliveries, and customer verifications are monitored and verified in advance.

Rock-solid security at its core - the GEHT Marketplace Safe Payment Process

The GEHT Marketplace Safe Payment Process is a contractual arrangement in which GEHT International Ltd, which provides and administrates the GEHT Marketplace website, holds the purchase payment in the impound account on behalf of the transaction parties until the buyer has received, verified and approved the purchase. The GEHT Marketplace Safe Payment Process is a transparent and useful financial arrangement for both the seller and the buyer and facilitates transactions in which a large amount of money is involved and certain terms of an agreement need to be fulfilled by both parties.

Buyer’s security

As a buyer, the GEHT Marketplace Safe Payment Process ensures that usage of the purchase payment is explicitly for the purposed product described in the GEHT Marketplace listing. The buyer deposits the payment in full within 10 business days of receiving the pro forma invoice to GEHT International Ltd’s impound account. The purchase payment is held in an impound account until the buyer has received and verified the product. If the buyer does not receive the product or the product is not in accordance with specification, the buyer has the right to request a product return and/or refund under the GEHT Marketplace Safe Payment Process. See further details on our Return policy.

Seller’s security

As a seller, the buyer’s purchase payment is deposited to GEHT International’s impound account prior to the product delivery. We verify that the full invoice amount has been received prior we advise the seller to ship the product to the buyer. As the purchase amount is already deposited to impound account, the shipment can be carried out without the seller risking a loss due to fraud.

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